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Nap for art  

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I’m asking artists (and others)  to take a photo of themselves before or after a daily nap/siesta. I want to locate non-instrumental sleeping (nap/siesta) within the parameters of “art acts” recordable for the Susak Expo (The Boring Art Fair). I hope then the Director of the Expo, Daniel Devlin, will add a digital collage of these people to his post-expo exhibition at the Pritti Palace. Napping as an act of indifference to both the art world and the Susak Expo which was founded on the simple absurdist concept of locating a “global art fair on a tiny island (year round population @100) off the coast of Croatia.

Posted : 07/05/2018 12:00 pm
Member Editor

Laku noć. 

Posted : 07/05/2018 2:59 pm

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