Tine Louise Kortermand

WEAR ME // “Po Susacku”

Walking from house to house on Susak I’ve been asking the local women to contribute with a piece of their old cloth and a story that was connected to the cloth. From this material I’m going to create a new “Po Susacku” national costume.

In the working process of collecting clothes, one of the women Katica offered me to try her own Kamizoti. Wearing it walking around in the narrow streets on Susak I recorded the sound of the dress. The Ecco of all the skirts and pearls bouncing up and down sounded like the ocean.
I ended up doing a performance on the beach in the dark night evolved from the womens stories of the old clothes …

Now that I returned to my own home country I will continue the work and also ask women in Denmark to contribute to the project with stories of their clothes.

You can follow the working process here …

WEAR ME is created with support from Dansk Metal
Travel Grant
and Odense Kommune Kultur. Thank you.


Together with 3 women I started the performance group Pussy Power in 1996. It was just before the second wave of the Swedish feministic movement crossed the boarders to Denmark. Pussy Power was for sure not popular … but we didn’t care! We shaved our pussies, turned the ‘bushes’ into moustaches and walked cross Funen with our baby carriages. For the last 18 years I have performed in Denmark and abroad at festivals, museums, art centres, galleries, project spaces and public spaces. Most recently at the Funen Opera and DEFINE festival with my project Nature Wild in 2017 and in 2016 I was invited to participate in QWERTYs Therapy project with my performance RESOUND improvising lullabies to the audience at the Biennial Exchange Rates in NYC. My work is a hybrid between performance art, soundscapes and spherical voice works and video installation.

Thematically my work is based on communication and social relations. I seek to involve people’s life experiences in my artwork. For example, by interviewing people and then transform their statements into a sensuous expression in video, sound and performance art. I seek to involve audiences in new ways. For example by presenting performances in unconventional public spaces, and thus bring art closer to people’s everyday lives. Fx by driving around the city in a golden suit and an amplifier on the back of the moped bringing Moped Songs to the people.

Since 2001 I have initiated 5 projectspaces/galleries, organized and created extensive cross-cultural works and projects. Fx. a bus tour through Europe with six performance artists. In 2012-13 I performed at the Carl Nielsen Hall with a church organist an electro musician, a Butoh dancer and an Academy Choir with my work “Nordic Nüshu”. Besides my own work I’ve been commissioned to do live performances for sART DanceTheatre (2014 & 2012), Odense Internationale Music Theatre (2009), SDU/Center for Art and Science (2007, ‘05, ‘04 and ‘03). Also I released the highly acclaimed debut album with my duo RUMSKIB in 2007 at Darla Records in the US and Quince Records in Japan. We performed at Roskilde Festival and toured in Denmark and England.

Since I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 2001, I among others received the Benny Andersen Award for the digital teaching project SHARE, the H. C. Andersens Audience Award in 2015 for the window performance “A Light in the Dark”. And the Danish Arts Foundation’s three-year working scholarship in 2010 with the following motivation:

Tine Louise Kortermand is a gifted, original and bold multimedia artist. Song, performance and installation form a synthesis in her works, which, in addition to music and lyrics, also include video projections and theatrical performances. Everything she does exudes a genuine and natural sense of experimentation with artistic expression. She has a liberatingly unorthodox approach to music and performance