Margareta Vidmar

Margareta Vidmar graduated from the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences and earned her master’s degree in psychotraumatology from the School of Medicine, University of Zagreb. After the car accident she revealed the healing power of creative potential and art, finished the School of painting Agora and specialized in the  art therapy. Margareta is working as an art therapist ( and educator (development projects at home and abroad) presenting her work on international conferences in the field of art therapy.

Margareta Vidmar participates and initiates socially engaged art projects which deal with marginal groups in order to enhance its active participation in the society and to promote social model by leading art workshops for NGO organizations, hospitals, and museums.

Margareta is engaged in painting, sculpture, installations, and photography, exhibiting at solo and group exhibitions in the country and abroad (Italy, France, Thailand, Cambodia) representing Croatian outsider art scene as a member of Croatian Art Association (HDLU).

Margareta Vidmar is enjoying her creative process, joy of the play, dynamics of change producing uncertain and unexpected outcomes leading  to surprising herself. Drawing inspiration from the environment, music, literature, and traveling, Margareta is relying on the narrative of well-known topics, expanding the personal context, playing with the motives, living and imaginative symbols. She is curious about everyday life and ordinary things and when ordinary becomes oddly, what makes the identity of a ones person, from gender issues to research of how archetypes work in the everyday life, how does the identity of sculpture develop when it comes outside of the museums and galleries and starts its journey.

A couple of Vidmars moving sculptures from the “Travelers” cycle is coming to island of  Susak to find out what is happening when sculptures begin to lead their authors thru unusual situations into knitting relationships by interacting with a local population.

Esox Lucius Ido is the photographer and film actor who often participates in the actions that help to revitalize the comic book media. In 2012 he returned from Italy to Croatia to join Margareta Vidmar in the development of the “Travelers” sculpture cycle as an assistant, a photographer and a man of the action.