Gianfranco Mirizzi

Gianfranco Mirizzi is a visual artist living and working in Rijeka, Croatia.

His artistic research concerns configuration of space as a totalizing entity that affects a subject’s perceptive, intuitive, and emotional response in a set of eventualities. He works with digital arts, architecture and performance to articulate immersive interactive and self generative environments. He also has been working in a number of video projects, collaborating with such artists as John Sturgeon, Fred Worden, Lee Boot, and Steve Yeager. His works have been seen in a variety of settings in US (Washington DC, Baltimore, Towson and Salisbury) and Europe.

During the last three years he’s been engaged in an international artist research on games, within the European art platform Corners of Europe (, performing in Taranto, Newcastle, Rijeka, Ljubljana, Maribor, Zagreb and Durham. Currently, as cofounder of newly born artist association ArtTeatar Boum!, he’s conducting an interdisciplinary research on new media and strategies of active participation in the crossing boundaries of Digital Arts and Theatre.

Gianfranco participated in Susak Expo 2016, building the first architecture dedicated specifically to the event, a Book Shop made of bamboo canes tied according to a local technique learned from Dida, an 84 years old craftsman he met on the island.

In this new edition of Susak Expo 2018 Gianfranco and Andrea’s aim is to engage collaboratively with ideas of memory and historical stratification. For this purpose they are seeking ways to activate ephemeral experiences of de-location, presence and enactment, in order to explore possible alternatives and un-historical meanings, within the rich and diverse context of Susak.

Andrea Crnković and Gianfranco Mirizzi

Rijeka 11.02.2018