Douglas Lewis

I am from Winnipeg, Canada and live and work in Beijing, China. I travel a lot and my work is almost always directly influenced from wherever I am. Traveling from country-to-country, I am constantly challenged with new languages and cultural difference – this has taught me that how we act in new countries or situations has an equal impact to knowing the customs or language. Travel has influenced my street performances as well did the silver and silent screen era. Ideas behind my installation works borrow from David Bowie’s song title “Sound and Vision”, and raise the question of what happens when they are not in sync or replaced? As a musician, I find the performance-to-audience phenomena fascinating and it influences my artwork a great deal in one-way or another.

My mediums include performance, video, photo, audio, installation and sculpture. Up and coming exhibitions include the Susak Art Expo, Croatia, and the Jinghuan Museum, China. I have been invited to exhibit across Canada, USA, England, Croatia, South Korea and China.