Clara S Rueprich

Clara Rueprich works with video and installations in public spaces. Through a deeply intuitive and personal approach she aims to capture elements of the human condition and its relationship with the natural world. Her works fuse elements of nature with art historical narratives and painterly framing devices.

Rueprich’s works draw upon fundamental notions like landscape, city, being human, body and nature. Through their cautiousness and precision of observation they touch the viewer as much as through their metaphoric poetry. This connects the works in public spaces with the video installations, the artist‘s other strand of activity.

Her videos concentrate on three strategies. Fundamentally her practice is entwined with the notion of time passing; of a slow progression of imagery or events – that goes hand in hand with the expectation upon the viewer to induce themselves within the realms of the artist’s production. Focusing on the hidden threat that lies behind scenes of perceived calm and tranquility is an equally important factor in her work. Lastly, the painterly composition of the shots in her films are intended to bring about similar responses to those one might have from paintings; little explosive or strained moments within contemplative or seductive scenarios.

Clara Rueprich is a german artist living and working in London and Leipzig.