"Flesh", Ink on Yupo, 2015

"(Dis) Closure", Artist Made Ink, 2017

Chintia Kirana

b. 1987 (Jakarta, Indonesia)
MFA, Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Tell It To The Wind
We hold on to something intangible as if it were tangible.
Each day we go through paths and passages like a ghost with shadow.
If tomorrow never comes, have you said all that is in your heart?
Desire, hope and dream are merely a human construct
Yet, they connect us to our humanity
Tell it to the wind, let it be carried
Tell it to the wind and be free

Communication is two ways: action and reaction. When words are spoken to strangers, will they understand? When words are carried with no one to listen but the wind, does it still hold weight? At times, it is not always catch and release. Sometimes it is catch and catch again and vice versa. We see what we want to see, hear what we want to hear. Language is a means for human communication, yet it could also cause a barrier between cultures.

This project and participation from others at Susak Expo hope to connect our barriers. Tell it to the wind; your secret, desire, hope, and dream. After all, we breathe the same air.