Chel Logan

“I am the lost Viking two years astray, swept by the north winds and with a Bad case of the runes.

The travels are long and arduous but the experience outweighs the destination. The stories to collect and be told over fires and seafood. I sail the islands …only to find what I find and the fate of Norns shall lead me to many odd and people.

…and I bake! A legend in my own lunchtime.

I started as painter studying at St Helens College for my BA moving on to Chelsea where I realised that the Painting was a document of a far more vital process . At Chelsea I embraced the performative , sculptural and curational values of my practice. I attended Susak in 2016 and it has changed my view if the art world beyond the realms of my comfort zones . I recently curated the “glitch” aesthetics of failure exhibition at Wigan Old Courts featuring many international and local artists .

Glitch out …