Andrea Crnković

Andrea Crnković is a theatre artist dedicated in developing new poetic language, creative methods and stimulative processes to engage the audience on multiple levels through suggestive, intimate experiences. She investigates interdisciplinary approach to theatre intertwining it with film/video, visual and digital arts, music and architecture. She experiments with implementation of new technology and innovative use of lights and sound aiming to enhance the experience of theatre and critically talk about human experience in 21st century. Andrea worked on a number of projects as author, director, actor and designer in United States and Europe, where she also participated in various festivals and manifestations, collaborated with theatre companies and institutions. She is author and co-author of several video installations exhibited in US, Croatia, Slovenia and Germany.

Currently Andrea lives in Rijeka and works as a free-lance artist. She is a co-founder of artistic organization ArtTeatar BOUM! and serves as its artistic director. She also serves as a board member of the NGO for performative arts Prostor Plus, Rijeka.

In this new edition of Susak Expo 2018 Gianfranco and Andrea’s aim is to engage collaboratively with ideas of memory and historical stratification. For this purpose they are seeking ways to activate ephemeral experiences of de-location, presence and enactment, in order to explore possible alternatives and un-historical meanings, within the rich and diverse context of Susak.

Andrea Crnković and Gianfranco Mirizzi

Rijeka 11.02.2018